ARTISTS LOST AND FOUND PODCAST: Discover your ancient artist ancestors, your creative roots with the legends, stories and interviews from the working artists, past and present on the Artists Lost and Found Podcast! You will learn how they made it, played it and created against all odds. Created by author, director and theater artist, Barbara L. Gregson and musician, composer Eric Porter.

We are currently looking for Artist’s Stories to share! If you are an artist who has a story about how you created against all odds, please reach out to us on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

episode 9" It's all about work " / part 2, A conversation with Craig Czury Artists Lost and Found

Learn how artists survive the global pandemic in an interview with Craig Czury : Poet, Author and Creative writing instructor — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/artistslostandfound/support
  1. episode 9" It's all about work " / part 2, A conversation with Craig Czury
  2. episode 8 :It's All About Artists part 1 / Grants for Artists
  3. episode 7 Till Eulenspiegel Returns / part 5 Till's Final Years
  4. Episode 6 : Till Eulenspiegel Returns / Part 4 : Till"s Final Test
  5. Episode 5 : Till Eulenspiegel Returns / Part 3 : His first performance


“I listened to the Musician and the Pirate – it was very intriguing!
Sound was great too! Great job!”

— Alecia O’Neill, Executive Director
Chenango Arts Council, Norwich, NY

“Love that this podcast was created by local artists. It was so easy to envision the story with all the vivid detail, making me feel like the story really came to life. The original music was awesome and makes you feel as if you were there. After listening to the first episode I am eager for the release of the next. Best podcast I have listened to in a long time. Give it a listen!

— A. Loughren

“…It’s incredible! Oh my God! Your voice sounds like you are on NPR. You are such a good storyteller. Congratulations.”

— Judy Nelson, Founder and Director
Strengths-Based (Trauma-Informed) Leadership Programs

“You guys did a great job I think! I liked the podcast and will listen to the others! I hope you get some listeners! ”

— Toni Miceli, Experimental Jazz Musician