Episode 6: Till Eulenspiegel Pt. 4

episode 7 Till Eulenspiegel Returns / part 5 Till's Final Years Artists Lost and Found

the Drama of Till's later life and it's hilarious conclusion are revealed in this the final episode of the series . Confrontations with the powerful elite  often turned into daring escapes as he narrowly avoids capture and punishment . At the end of his career  he settles and sets up shop as a fortune teller revealing more to his customers than they ever expected . — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/artistslostandfound/support
  1. episode 7 Till Eulenspiegel Returns / part 5 Till's Final Years
  2. Episode 6 : Till Eulenspiegel Returns / Part 4 : Till"s Final Test
  3. Episode 5 : Till Eulenspiegel Returns / Part 3 : His first performance
  4. Episode 4 : Till Eulenspiegel Returns / Part 2 : Till's apprenticeship at Marburg castle.
  5. Episode 3: Till Eulenspiegel Returns/Part 1: Till leaves home

Till must win a contest among Jesters of the time to secure a prize of Gold , glory and other riches.

Backstory: Till leaves home during the Great Famine of 1315 AD to start his apprenticeship as a jester.

Till Eulenspiegel in 4 episodes. A true legend from the low country (Germany , Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium ) about a brilliant jester, clown, actor, magician, acrobat from the middle ages Each episode will be about a specific time in his life.

Beginning leaving home, due to the great Famine of 1315-1317, to his apprenticeship and early work at Marburg Castle, Marburg Germany, then his professional life performing throughout the lowlands and death during the Bubonic Plague of 1347.

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