Artists Lost and Found Podcast is a collaboration between Barbara L. Gregson and Eric Porter. Read below to learn more about each artist, including their work and what brought them here!

Creator and Host

Author of “Theater Artists Play: A guide to making and creating your own Theater work Theater Artist. Writer. Director. Storyteller.

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Barbara L. Gregson


I believe in making the theater arts accessible to people of all ages and abilities by using ancient storytelling, theater traditions and methods i.e., mime, acting, storytelling, mask making and mask performance, accompanied by live music. For 45 years, I have performed, written about, taught and shared these theater traditions with students and audiences alike.

My love for the arts, and all things creative was due to the generous love and encouragement and support from my mother, Abbie Gregson, She allowed us, my 3 siblings and I, to have the freedom to create without fear or judgement. It was our right and important to do every day. A few of the creative pursuits my siblings and I would pursue, We would carve soap sculptures,( with a jack knife), and make paper mache sculptures using flour and water for paste. Or we would paint with oil paints, ( my mom’s old art school paints), and build tree forts, 15 ft off the ground we would climb (using real tools).

My work as a theater artist, “artist in the community” and “artist in residence” continues to inspire me as I work with diverse groups of people of all ages and abilities in colleges, schools, community centers and correctional facilities, in the small rural villages and towns of upstate NY to Philadelphia and other major US cities.

I started the podcast “Artists Lost and Found” in 2019 with Eric Porter, musician, to share our beliefs that all people can create art, if given the opportunity, against all odds!

Musician and Composer

Eric Porter

Eric Porter was born in Guatemala City to American parents David and Kathy Porter. His great grandfather William Porter toured the globe with the Christy Minstrels.

Eric grew up in upstate NY. He was influenced by Latin, jazz and 60s pop music and played the sousaphone in high school band. His love of guitar led to work with groups at high school dances and later clubs and theater tours of Godspell, Prairie Passion and others.

Eric was hired by HBO / Comedy Central to write and perform music for the Emmy nominated Two Drink Minimum, which aired 28 live episodes. He has worked with several major artists including Joan Osborne, Chris Butler, The Waitresses, Ralph Carney, Tom Waits and Charlie Pride.

Eric now lives in Oxford, NY and is busy with several projects and groups performing and recording blues, rock and folk.

How do we Work? Our process:

Due to my 48 years of working in theater, as a performer and director, writer, etc. I have practiced “visualization”. Visualization exercises are a
great way to become the character you are playing” and have taught these
techniques to my acting students, as well , over the years. For my own personal growth I have also done a lot of “Past life Regression” work so when I am working on an artist’s life and times, for our podcast, I always begin with meditation, self hypnosis, trance and/or visualizations, to become the character, the artist, to discover who they were and what their message is to us, their story. Then I‘ll write the story free hand, then into a script and finally record it in Eric Porter’s Chenango County Studio.

Eric then composes the original music to fit the time period and sound
effects, I help him sometimes, with the sound effects, (this is the fun part),
such as cheering, or jeering as if in a mob or audience, or banging pots and
pans, or knocking on the walls, reminiscent of the cast of an old 1940’s radio show.

Now for the hard part. After weeks of rehearsals, composing, re-writing
the script again, the painstaking work of editing begins, and again and again just to tell a short story, to make a 15 min. episode to be proud of!

For more info on the importance of Visualization exercises and other transcendental practices to help you grow as an artist and connect with your imagination and storytelling, read “Theater Artists Play a Guide to making and creating your own theater work” by Barbara L. Gregson. For sale on www.Gregson.Theater or amazon.com.